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Grounds For Appeal

An appeal is not just an option; it is a right.  If you have been found guilty of a crime you did not commit, if you received a sentence that exceeds what is right and allowable by law, or if you were convicted based on flawed or insufficient evidence, filing an appeal is the first step in righting the wrong.

However, in order to successfully appeal a conviction or sentence, there must be evidence of legal error that may have affected the outcome of the trial.  If errors are made that would not have had any impact on the likelihood of conviction, the appeals court holds these to be "harmless errors" that will not bring a successful appeal.

In order to file an appeal, there must be one or more errors or grounds for appeal arising from the case:

•  Legal Errors

•  Juror Misconduct

•  Prosecutorial Misconduct

•  Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel

•  New Evidence


Appeals Need Skillful Representation

An appeal is a delicate and complex process.  Each step must be carefully handled; each brief or filing skillfully crafted.  Extensive legal research is required to find precedence and elements of law that were violated during the trial.  An appeal is something you cannot handle alone.  You must have the skillful representation of an appellate attorney.  You may use the same defense attorney who represented you in your criminal case, but in some situations - particularly if your appeal is based in part on ineffective counsel - you would be better served to find a new attorney who can look at your case and the elements of your trial with fresh eyes.

Mary is a great attorney and someone I trust very much.  She has helped me on several occasions, but even more so, she has helped some of my family and friends with their legal cases that are of a much more complex nature and needing a very high level of expertise.  I can recommend Mary with great confidence.  She is honest and will shoot you straight about your cases. Additionally, she comes to the table prepared and ready to handle business.

Maleah M.

Oklahoma Appellate Attorney

Have you or someone you know been wrongly convicted of a crime? Need to appeal? Mary Bruehl can help. Appeal cases are very different from trial cases. An appeal is a written argument to the appeal court which outlines legal errors that occurred at trial. To be successful on appeal, the appeal attorney must convince the appeals court that an error occurred at trial which requires the court to reverse or vacate the conviction or modify a sentence. Mary Bruehl has the research and writing skills required to give you your best chance of a positive outcome on appeal. She has written over a hundred criminal appeals over her twenty-five years of criminal defense practice.

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